Sales Tax returns through January 2021

Buena Vista treasurer Michelle Stoke presented the first sales tax reports of 2021 to the board of trustees this week, and for the 29th month in a row, returns were up in January 2021 compared to the same month last year.

January 2021 brought in $310,783.40 in sales tax returns remitted to the town from the state. That’s 18.10% over what was brought in in January 2020. That amount is 14.62% over the 2021 budgeted revenue, starting the town off this year with a budget surplus of $39,640.37.

Last January, one of the two full months to pass last year before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, returns grew 29.7% over 2019. About 6.5% of the total sales tax earned in 2020 was brought in during January.

Between 2019 and 2018, January returns grew by 6.8%.

Stoke also broke the returns down to those that came from local sales and those that came from remote sales.

In January 2021, $171,296 came from local sales, Stoke said, and $65,306 came from remote. Last year, $115,335 was generated locally – a 48.5% increase – and $44,939 came remotely, a 45.3% increase.

As a proportion of total sales tax gathered by the town, 59% was generated locally in 2020, compared to 55.1% in 2021.

Between 2019, when the state first started counting remote and local sales separately, and 2020, local sales grew by 44.7% from 107,295, while remote sales recorded grew by 241%, up from $13,158. In 2019, local sales made up 52.9% of total sales tax returns for that year.

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