Local law enforcement and emergency services said the Renewal concert at the Meadows on the evenings of Sept. 24 and 25 went smoothly from their perspective, though it added some additional strain to already thinly spread resources.

“It was definitely a busy weekend for us,” said Dean Morgan, chief of police for Buena Vista.

The concert coincided with Buena Vista High School’s homecoming events, 14erFest and the OHV Color Tour. Though the concert was a sold-out show with around 5,000 attendees, disturbances were minimal.

Chief Morgan reported one intoxicated individual from the audience who had to be transported to Salida.

“She came up here – she had been at the concert, got super-intoxicated and made the smart decision not to drive,” he said.

Just as the show was starting on Friday night, and the homecoming parade was making its way down its route along East Main and Railroad Avenue, a car accident was reported in front of City Market on U.S. 24 south.

Noise complaints were also minimal, with a single call being received shortly before 8 p.m. on one of the nights of the concert, according to Charlotte Kaercher, records manager for the Chaffee County sheriff’s office.

“It does not look like there was any significant law enforcement activity or complaints that weekend,” she said.

County planning manager John Roorda said that a professional sound monitoring company was hired and took measurements both at the sound booth and property perimeter.

He said he expects to receive a report this week and will present it to the board of county commissioners in an upcoming work session.

Morgan said he is looking forward to putting two more officers on the beat when they finish the academy.

“The next summer season we’ll have a little more manpower, which will help us,” he said.

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