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Here are three things to note from the June 7 Buena Vista board of trustees meeting:

1 Trustee discussion was dominated by discussion surrounding issues of housing.

The meeting began with an hour-long work session concerning short-term rentals, a topic that would come up again in the meeting.

With one trustee dissenting, concerned that an STR license cap would adversely affect tourism and service industries in town, the board supported mandating a cap.

They agreed to put the issue up for further discussion as to a specific number but established an initial figure at 8%.

2 Chaffee County Community Foundation executive director Joseph Teipel presented a proposal developed with Becky Gray, director of housing with Chaffee Housing Authority.

Teipel discussed plans for two lots covering approximately 2 acres adjacent to Collegiate Commons apartments.

After hearing Teipel’s proposals and answers to their questions, the board voted unanimously to approve $15,000 in financing to CCCF and CHA toward convening stakeholders and working to establish feasibility, ownership structure options and other development aspects.

3 On the subject of road improvements, the board quickly and unanimously voted to approve the proposed street-paving projects for 2021.

Similarly quick votes were held to approve town treasurer Stokes’ budget amendment for workers’ compensation insurance, the premium for which is returning to 2018 levels after some COVID-19 related auditing complications, and to move discussion of the potential sale of the town fire station to the next step.

4 The board voted to request Envision Chaffee County to reopen and extend the period for public comment on the town adopting the recreation plan by 30 days.

The Chaffee Rec Plan is a result of the 2017 Envision Chaffee County planning initiative that outlined four community visions to achieve in the future, including to have healthy forests, waters and wildlife in balance with outdoor recreation.

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