Isaac Hutchings

Issac Hutchings wrestles an opponent in the consolation rounds.

As of now, Buena Vista High School is planning on beginning Season B of its sports seasons on Jan. 4, said athletic director Troy Baker.

Statewide, the number of games played in each sport will be roughly 30% less than in a normal season, Baker said.

“Statewide, the seasons are shortened from traditional seasons so that all three sport seasons can be played in the winter/spring,” he said. “The kids will be very busy though!”

BVHS is among a minority of schools across the state who have opted to play football during the spring.

The start and end dates for winter/spring sports for both Buena Vista High School and Middle School are as follows. End dates include the state championship games.

HS Basketball Jan 4 – March 6

HS Wrestling Jan 4 – March 6

MS Boys Basketball Jan 4 – Feb 1

MS Wrestling Feb 1 – Feb 24

MS Girls Basketball Feb 1 – Feb 24

HS Volleyball March 1 – May 1

HS Football March 1 – May 8

MS Volleyball March 1 – March 29

MS Football March 8 – April 14

HS Baseball April 26 – June 26

HS Track April 26 – To be determined

HS Girls Soccer April 26 – To be determined

MS Track April 19 – May 21

MS Baseball April 19 – May 21

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