DENVER – A 22-year-old who hijacked a prison officer’s truck in Chaffee County is facing a minimum of seven years in federal prison.

Danny Deherrera acknowledged that fate when he pleaded guilty Friday in Denver at the U.S. District Court for Colorado.

The carjacking occurred April 18, 2020, near CR 270 and U.S. 285.

Deherrera and two others took the vehicle from a Colorado Department of Corrections employee, who was driving home from work, and beat him.

The three defendants arrived in Chaffee County in a car reported stolen from Albuquerque, N.M. The car overturned and two DOC employees stopped to help.

Corrections officers Aaron Mummert and Charles Shaw, both still in uniform, stopped to render assistance when they saw the car overturned.

Court filings state that Shaw left the scene after seeing what he thought was a rifle.

Deherrera pleaded guilty also to another charge, having a gun after a previous felony conviction.

For that crime, Chief Judge Philip A. Brimmer said sentencing guidelines recommend a prison term in a range between 41 and 51 months, on top of the seven years.

Deherrera is to be sentenced in December.

The third defendant, Desirea Montano, 27, had been a fugitive since August 2020 but was caught earlier this year in New Mexico. She had been released on a bond requiring her to appear in court whenever ordered to.

Her case is pending while her attorney prepares her defense.

Court records show that all three are from Grants, New Mexico.

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