Buena Vista Rodeo Grounds

Buena Vista Rodeo Grounds, on the list on the National Register of Historic Places

When the Buena Vista board of trustees meet on Tuesday, April 13, they’ll hold a work session about a local property owner’s plans that could double the size of the Rodeo Grounds.

Triview Property purchased a roughly 300-acre property immediately south of the town’s historic Rodeo Grounds park in December for the water rights, and are looking at what to do with the land itself, town administrator Phillip Puckett said.

“They’re interested in working with the town on utilization of the property and helping out with doing some master planning for that whole area, including the rodeo grounds,” Puckett said.

The property would have to be annexed into town, but the plan could effectively double the size of the rodeo grounds recreation area, which is also the home to the Central Colorado UAS Club’s drone flying park.

On the agenda for the regular meeting Tuesday, Crave pizzeria, which is looking toward opening this summer at the corner of Railroad and East Main, is taking a big step towards that goal by seeking a restaurant license.

The board will consider code changes related to the town’s annexation process.

“There’s a couple of changes that need to be made to our existing code to align with state statute for annexation process,” Puckett said. “We also want it to align with our newly-adopted water dedication code language so that the annexation process fits with water dedication.”

The board will also get a first look at a water model developed by town staff “for how infrastructure could be installed out at Crossman’s Addition, that whole vacant land area just south of Love’s (gas station on U.S. 24 North). It’s a pretty sizable subdivision and it’s been there for a long, long, long time. It has sat vacant, and all those properties primarily along the highway are all vacant, and that’s because they do not have infrastructure, particularly water infrastructure.”

This makes purchasing a single property in the subdivision a more daunting prospect for individual developers.

“This is one option, because there might be other ways to engineer it, but this is one option that parcel owners could pursue that would meet town standards and meet the engineering requirements to get the engineering installed in there so they can actually start developing those properties,” Puckett said of the model.

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