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The Chaffee County Planning Commission met with Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker Tuesday to talk about plans for the release of the county comprehensive plan to the public during their work session, before hearing the Aspire Tours Limited Impact Review.

The planning commissioners said they hope to have the first part of the comprehensive plan to staff on July 10 for review, then release it to the public July 17.

Part one will cover “Values, Vision, Goals and Strategies.”

The second part will be released to county staff July 31 and to the public by Aug. 7.

Part two will cover “Future Land Use Plan and Implementation Strategy.”

In other business, Jon Roorda, county planning manager, presented a request for an outfitting facility which includes rafting, hiking, backpacking and float fishing, along with a campground which will include 10 campsites and eight cabins.

The lot is located at 11302 CR 190 West, off Colo. 291 northwest of Salida.

The site includes a private home residence for the applicant, a barn and agricultural area for agri-tourism, and several outbuildings for storage, changing rooms, a sales office and other community eduction events.

The project will be in three phases, with the phase one will take one year to complete and includes constructing driveways and a parking lot, water and wastewater systems, utilities, the barn and camping sites, which will include grills and fire rings.

Phase two, which will be about 8-12 months, will include the building of cabins, an auxiliary dwelling unit and some of the out buildings.

Phase three will be construction of the private home and the outfitter post building.

Roorda said the application meets land use code requirements.

Planning commissioners then heard about two hours of public comment.

Complaints included worries about a traffic increase from multiple guests camping, as well as, hauling people to outfitting events.

Neighbors also shared concerns about the increased demand on the local aquifer. With 10 campsites holding spots for two tents, plus eight cabins for four occupants each, one neighbor pointed out that you could have 50-60 people making demands.

One neighbor worried that the leach field for the onsite wastewater treatment system would be a few hundred feet from the Arkansas River. That much waste would drain into the river.

There were also concerns about noise, light pollution and security.

Shortly after 9 p.m. the Planning Commission approved a motion to table their discussion of the application until their July 12 meeting due to the late hour.

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