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Chaffee County has seen a steady increase in building permits for single-family dwellings every year for the last 11 years, except 2020 and 2017. In 2010 91 permits were issued for single-family homes, while 293 permits have been issued so far in 2021.

When asked why slight dips have occurred, Dan Swallow, director of development services, said, “The number of single-family dwelling permits issued annually has trended upward every year with the exception of small pullbacks in 2017 and 2020. The dip in 2020 was likely due to COVID-19 and the subsequent material shortages. There is nothing to indicate that this growth trend will slow unless interest rates rise or more widespread material shortages occur.”

Swallow said that while it was easy to break out the number of single-family dwelling permits, multifamily dwelling permits are harder, but there are fewer of them.

He said there are 48 dwelling units in the two apartment buildings under construction on Vandaveer Ranch and there were 48 units at Collegiate Peaks Apartments in Buena Vista a few years ago.  

Additionally, 32 apartment dwelling units were given Certificates of Occupation this year for the Tailwinds Apartments and 16 dwelling units currently under construction for the Tailwinds Apartments second phase.  

The number of townhouses in the county is the most difficult to ascertain, as only one permit is needed, but multiple townhouses could be built into one block. 

The location of growth has been pretty equally spread throughout the county and three municipalities of Buena Vista, Salida and Poncha Springs, plus areas like Nathrop and Maysville, although changes to the new land use code may change that.

“The growth is pretty evenly split between the three municipalities and the unincorporated areas of the county,” Swallow said. “I have no way of predicting patterns of development, but with the new comprehensive plan in place and a new land use code soon to be developed and implemented, I imagine the goal will be to drive development toward the municipalities where the infrastructure is.”

Single-family dwellings

2021. 293*

2020. 236

2019  294

2018. 282

2017. 227

2016. 261

2015. 157

2014  114

2013. 99

2012. 91

2011. 63

2010  91

Total number of permits

2021. 3,504*

2020. 3,282

2019. 3,756

2018. 3,263

2017. 2,971

2016.  3,410

2015.  2,650

2014.  2,256

2013.  1,750

2012.  1,732

2011.  1,669

2010.  1,413

Total revenue

2021.  $1,650,611.96*

2020.  $1,184,067

2019.  $1,352,029.51 

2018.  $1,242,055.75 

2017.  $992,488.91 

2016.  $942,725.67 

2015.  $692,214.65 

2014.  $655,736.29 

2013.  $485,004.94 

2012.  $359,260.25 

2011.  $339,915.95 

2010.  $302,333.61

*2021 numbers are year to date through October.

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