Data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Surveys and Decennial Censuses paint a somewhat vague picture of the change of housing costs and incomes for residents of Buena Vista and outlying areas.

The Colorado State Demography Office reported the population of the town of Buena Vista as 2,855 in 2020. The 2010 Decennial Census reported the population of zip code 81211 as 7,623. The 2019 ACS reported a population of 8,281 ±521 for 81211.

For zip code 81211, the 2000 Decennial Census reported median asked rent at $603. American Community Surveys from 2015 and 2019 report median rents at $878 ±144 and $901 ±355, respectively.

Data aggregator BestNeighborhood.com reports an average rent of $953, while RentalSource.com puts BV median rent at $1,450, breaking down to $1,060 for a 1 bedroom, $1,489 for a 2 bedroom and $1,800 for a 3 bedroom.

These rents are significantly higher than what was reported in the 2019 ACS, at $590 ±323 for a 1 bedroom, $894 ±312 for a 2 bedroom, and $1,113 ±116 for a 3 bedroom.

Income data is more consistent across sources. In the 2000 Decennial Census, median earnings for male, full-time, year-round workers was $30,584 and $25,417 for females in the same category.

The same report shows a median household income of $36,405. The 2019 ACS estimates median household income at $52,813 ±8,747. 47.8% of those surveyed reported annual income under $50,000.

BestNeighborhood.com reports a median household income of $55,018. “Median income ranges from a low of $38,462 to a high of $77,069 in some neighborhoods,” the site says.

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