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Colorado Department of Transportation laid traffic counting cables across U.S. 24 in Buena Vista last week.

The counters, one north and one south of Main Street, were part of CDOT’s semi-annual traffic counts conducted throughout the state.

“It was not our regional traffic and safety unit,” said Lisa Schwantes, CDOT’s regional communications manager for southwest Colorado.

“At CDOT headquarters, we have a traffic and safety division,” she explained. “They regularly set out counters across the state, and every 2 years, I believe, our figures are updated on our OTIS mapping system.”

Data for Buena Vista on CDOT’s Online Transportation Information System is currently dated 2019.

“We have a continuance counter at U.S. 24 and 285,” said Schwantes. “There are other locations that it’s very helpful for us to gather traffic counts. So they rotate through different highways across the state and lay the cables across the highways to gather information for a period of time.”

The county conducts its own traffic counting on West Main Street.

“You know the signs that flash and tell you you’re going too fast? Those are traffic counters,” said Ann Dwyer, office manager for Chaffee County Road and Bridge.

Dwyer said the county only uses rubber cable traffic counters for specific purposes.

“The only time that we would pull from the rubber counters that go on the road is if we were studying traffic patterns around a piece of property,” she said.

“Let’s take Chaffee County Waste, for an example. If they were looking to expand, we would put those rubber pieces near their driveway to count the traffic coming in and out, and traveling past their facilities,” said Dwyer.

CDOT’s OTIS can be accessed at

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