CDOT announces new signs

The Colorado Department of Transportation announced drivers soon will begin seeing new regulatory signs designed to enhance safety for bicyclists along the state highway system.

Colorado’s “Three-Foot” law requires motorists to give bicyclists at least 3 feet of space between the widest part of their vehicle and the widest part of the bicyclist. Drivers are allowed to cross a double yellow line to do so when it does not put oncoming traffic at risk, a CDOT press release stated.

“These new signs are designed to stress that there is a legal requirement for drivers to maintain a safe space when passing people biking on a shared roadway,” said Colorado Department of Transportation State Traffic Engineer San Lee. “Studies have shown that these signs are more effective at enhancing safety than the ‘Share the Road’ signs people are used to seeing. They also help make it clear that drivers bear the responsibility for safely passing a bicyclist.” 

CDOT will begin installing the new signs at various locations around the state in 2022, either as part of road construction or sign replacement projects.

“We’re very excited to see CDOT leading on bicyclist safety by making this change to clearer roadway messaging,” said Piep van Heuven, Bicycle Colorado director of government relations. “Words matter, and these new signs leave no doubt about what is expected of drivers when passing a bicyclist on the road – 3 feet of space, and no less. This change makes our roads safer for everyone.”

Currently, 35 states have statutes in place requiring at least 3-foot clearance between drivers and bicyclists.

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