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At the town trustees next meeting Feb. 23, the board will hear reports about increasing bear problems in town, as well as an update on the town’s municipal courts.

Kevin Madler with Colorado Parks and Wildlife is on Tuesday’s draft agenda with a report that is the result of several years work with town staff on “bears coming into town and trash-related concerns, whether its in our parks or through residential and commercial trash,” said town administrator Phillip Puckett.

“We’ve invited him to talk with the board about some of those issues, what causes them, and then we will potentially see if the board is open to (staff) looking at some code changes to deal with residential trash,” Puckett said. “What we’ve seen is, especially in dry seasons like this past year, 2020, bears typically are drawn closer into town when their food sources are cut short, naturally. And then the increase in people and activity and household trash and commercial trash creates the opportunity for bears to get into them … There’s definitely some instances where they’ve gotten into some older trash cans in the parks and residential trash. The thought is ‘what steps can we take to mitigate that,’ because it is a growing issue.”

Before the regular meeting at 7:00 Tuesday, the board will have a work session at 6:00 regarding the town’s municipal court.

“This is a new thing, but the intent is to draw awareness of the court for the board and allow relationship-building. Hopefully we do it every year, every two years,” Puckett said.

To attend the virtual meeting, visit and use the password 971317, or listen by phone at 1-301-715-8592. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 8807504 8459 and the password 971317.

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