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At the next meeting of the Buena Vista board of trustees, the board will begin discussion on how to allocate the costs to do maintenance work on the alley between South Court and Beldan streets, and will also vote on whether to adopt architectural design guidelines.

“Town is going to finish constructing that alley, and the costs for that will be distributed to the property owners,” said town administrator Phillip Puckett. “This is the intro discussion with the board that will go through the methodology for divvying up the cost, share the cost estimate for the project and let the board weigh in at this stage if they’re comfortable with that process or if there are any clarifying questions or whatnot. Then we would follow that up in February with an actual public hearing that would be where the board actually approves the cost allocation, which would then be legally binding.”

Primarily, the project would involve constructing the surface of the alley in a way that allows it to drain properly.

“(That) is the main reason we wanted to do it, rather than have it be piece-mealed over time, to make sure the drainage functioned properly,” Puckett said.

Also on the draft agenda for Tuesday is an item that’s been a long time coming – the board is set to vote on whether to approve the Architectural Design Guidelines drafted by the Historic Preservation Commission.

‘No major changes since the last time it was discussed. It’s gone through a legal review and is ready for adoption,” Puckett said.

The guidelines would be a document separate from town code offering a resource for developers looking to build new construction or remodel existing buildings in in BV’s historic East Main Street district with aesthetics that blend in with the town’s unique melange of late 19th and early 20th century building styles.

However, the guidelines are not requirements.

“It’s something that we would make available to property owners, developers, people who come in and ask staff, ‘Hey, what is the town looking for in this area?’ It’s a resource that answers some of those questions, but in the end, right now, it is not code,” Puckett said.

Also on the draft agenda is a presentation from The Farm subdivision, updating the board on the progress of the quickly-growing neighborhood as it prepares to enter phase 2 of development.

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