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Remember when the school year started right after Labor Day?

School is back on this week after the Labor Day holiday and Buena Vista school district superintendent Lisa Yates said all is well.

“We have all of our teaching positions filled,” she said. “We have some paraprofessional positions open for needed support at the preschool as well as the elementary school in providing small group instruction.”

Attendance at BV schools has been a topic of some concern raised at recent school board meetings.

“We have noticed a trend of a growing percentage of students with multiple absences in a year,” said Yates.

She said that two staff members are now dedicated to looking into absences and getting into contact with families.

The reason for the concern and response, she said, arises both from the school’s mission to provide accessible education to community members and the issue of Colorado’s laws around compulsory attendance.

“Bottom line, we are partners with families in providing access to quality education, and we are implementing stronger communication strategies with families regarding attendance to both understand reasons for absences and remove any barriers from attendance,” she said.

Yates said that results from student performance evaluations for the district will be released to parents in early October.

“Our collective results are in line with a trend we have seen in our District over time, that our students progressively score higher at each grade level,” she said. “This past year, our collective results were below the state average in several grades and subjects and we have actions in place to address.”

“Our commitment remains to the individual – we will meet each student where they are and lift them from there.”

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