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Here’s what you missed from the May 25 meeting of the Buena Vista board of trustees.

1 The board heard an update from the Chaffee Rec Council’s Envision Chaffee County Recreation Plan.

The plan seeks to develop Chaffee County’s outdoor tourism in a sustainable way that protects the environment from overuse.

The recreation plan is currently open to public comment until June 4 on its website,

“On the fourth of June we’ll take all of the community comments and any comments that all of you have and bring it back into the final plan, and we would like to come back to you and ask for a resolution, essentially, supporting the plan in the June time frame,” said Envision Chaffee County director Cindy Williams.

2 The board approved a memorandum of agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, pledging to assist the agency locally in its floodplain mapping project for the lands around Cottonwood Creek.

Town planner Mark Doering said that FEMA anticipated having the survey of roughly 1,440 square miles complete by 2024. The mapping would provide updated flood risk information for properties in the Cottonwood Creek floodplain.

3 Trustees gave approval for code enforcement officer Grant Bryans to develop a draft code change regarding the display of signs. During the last election cycle, Bryans said, town staff began to realize that the current restriction of two signs and two flags on one’s property was too restrictive.

Trustees were receptive to the idea of allowing an increased number of signs, such as five, during a period of a certain amount of days before and after an election.

The staff proposal would also increase the number of flags allowed from two to three at any time.

Constitutionally, the town cannot regulate signs based on content.

4 The Buena Vista Police Department’s newest officer, Jake Englund, took the oath of office.

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