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Chaffee County Public Health announced Wednesday that as cases hit record highs, and to prepare for future surges, the department has begun streamlining protocols, emphasizing personal accountability and responsibility.

Not all cases will be directly contacted by public health so positive cases are asked to contact public health and let them know if they are a breakthrough case.

Pediatric cases and high-risk outbreak situations will be prioritized. If a child tests positive, it is imperative that the case is reported to the appropriate school nurse immediately.

Anyone who tests positive with at home COVID-19 tests are asked to self-report by visiting Individuals will need to make an account then enter the information on the positive test.

Public health will be automatically notified of this positive test after it is reported through this system.

Chaffee County Public Health is available for consultation when employers or businesses are unsure of what to do next or is experiencing a predicted or actual outbreak.

Public health relies on employers to reach out if they know of positive cases within their staff due to home testing, etc.

It is possible that an assigned staff member may be required to report directly to and receive consultation from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment if there are five or more cases at a business.

Because of a more streamlined approach to contact tracing and case investigation and the addition of home testing which is becoming more and more popular, the case data that has been collected in the past may not be as readly available for the local data dashboard.

In the next few days, the dashboard will be updated to reflect a more right-sized approach.

The Chaffee County COVID-19 website has been updated. The public is strongly encouraged to seek out information they need before contacting public health. Chaffee County will continue to push out weekly situational awareness reports and press releases.

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