Robin Vega

Robin Vega stands outside the Surf Hotel, where she and entrepreneur educator Maggie Gentry will host the River Gathering work retreat.

Female entrepreneurs are coming to Buena Vista Sept. 23-26 for a working vacation at the Surf Hotel.

The River Gathering, created by Robin Vega and entrepreneur educator Maggie Gentry, will bring about 15 women in all stages of their careers – from the dream stages to the beginnings of their startup to established small business owners – to collaborate on strategies to grow their business and brand.

The idea for the River Gathering began to spring up years ago when Vega was contacted by Gentry about helping her start a working retreat in Denver. As the two worked on creating what would become the Riverside Gathering, Vega moved to Buena Vista and immediately knew that the working vacation had to happen here.

“The only time I had to work on my business was when I was on vacation,” Vega said. “I was really productive. It didn’t feel like work. You’re in an inspiring setting, you’ve got new scenery, you might have a cocktail in hand.”

For Vega, a self-described start-up hobbyist who recently moved her marketing and web design company Brand + Bash from Denver to Buena Vista, The River Gathering is a meeting of long-held passions – empowering women by giving them the tools to succeed in business.

Speakers at the gathering include Gentry, whose “own your why” concept focuses on how brands can cut through the noise by presenting the personal story behind what you’re selling.

“It’s the Apple effect,” Vega explained of the world’s first trillion-dollar company. “They don’t have the best technology, they’re never first to market, but they do the best job of telling their why, so they kill it.

Also attending is Anne-Claire Siegert, a specialist in SEO, or search engine optimization – the art of taking advantage of search engine algorithms so your links show up higher in searches.

Vega herself will be speaking about content planning.

“It’s not rocket science, anyone can do it,” Vega said. “But it’s paralyzing for a lot of people, what to post and when.”

The Gathering isn’t built around powerpoint presentations and lectures, though. Bringing in others like Instagram influencer Elsa Rhae and Niki Koubourlis, the founder of Bold Betties, a women-focused adventure travel group, Vega wants the retreat to center arround natural conversation and idea sharing.

“Just sharing our experience and our skills,” Vega said, “just get (it) done while you’re vacationing.”

Registration is still open for the retreat at; a limited number of local “sleep-at-home BV discounts” are also available.

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