Heart of the Rockies Volleyball Invitational

Buena Vista hosts a handful of state-ranked teams in addition to in-county rival Salida this weekend for the Heart of the Rockies Volleyball Invitational Saturday.

The Lady Demons return to action after a 2-week layoff with a trip over Monarch Pass to Sargent Thursday evening, then host a two-gym tournament beginning with 3A Middle Park at 9 a.m. in the Red Gym. 3A Salida opens the breakfast bar at 9 a.m., with 3A No. 8 Centauri in the White Gym.

“We will play a round robin of sorts,” Buena Vista coach Jamie Page said, noting the top teams. Meeker is No. 3 in 2A, Centauri is No. 8 in 3A, the Lady Demons are No. 10 in 2A.

“There is a good mix of competition. These will be our last matches before Regionals, the results will help seed us into Regionals,” Page said. “The top 12 teams host so we are hoping for a great weekend to push us up in rankings.”

Nearly every team has something to play for the last weekend of the season.

“All the teams are fighting to move up and solidify their spots in RPI,” Page said.

Middle Park and Salida are on the bubble of making it into Regionals, so they will need to come out with some big wins to get in, she said.

Gunnison and Banning Lewis are lower in RPI so this could potentially be the end of their season.

“Meeker, Centauri and BV all have the potential to host regionals and want to move up in the RPI so that, one, they can host and two, they can be seeded as high as possible to get a lower RPI draw coming into their region,” Page said. “We are on the bubble to host and need at least two wins to maybe do it, three wins to solidify hosting (a Regional, top 12 teams host).

“So there is a lot to play for this weekend and it should be some good matchups,” Page said.

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