Through last year, Friends of Fourmile worked to install 44 new informational kiosks throughout the Fourmile Travel Management Area.

One, near the Tunnels north of Buena Vista has been vandalized. Fourmile volunteer Alan Robinson discovered the damage to the sign, as well as damage to the newly built Bureau of Land Management restrooms at the CR375 parking area.

“We’re assuming some sort of firearm was being shot at the restroom powerful enough the chip small pieces out of the concrete … some of those – presumably – bullets went through and caused some similar chipping inside,” Robinson said. “It’s a good thing nobody was inside.”

Robinson said that vandalism to signage on public lands is “unfortunate, but it’s a very commonly reoccurring event … They try not to be personally disappointed by it, and that’s true for me as well. I’ve seen a lot of it.”

“Across the Royal Gorge Field Office, we see some vandalism, but it’s typically minor – graffiti with markers or paint, names scratched into railings, and other damage that is typically localized to one sign or location,’ said BLM spokesman Brant Porter. “The extent of the vandalism and property destruction that we saw in this case was uncommon. Occasionally we may need to replace a sign after vandalism occurs, but the damage that was done at Fourmile will require lots of work to repair.”

Porter said, “Vandalism on public lands not only damages a community resource, but requires funds that could be used on other projects and hours from staff and volunteers to fix.”

The BLM-Rocky Mountain District has a law enforcement tipline that allows the public to give local BLM law enforcement officers tips on crimes that occur on BLM-managed lands.

Information can be shared at 833-215-1917 or email to

Tips are most helpful when they include specific information on where and when the crime occurred, descriptions of people or vehicles, license plate numbers, and any other details that may be helpful in law enforcement locating the responsible individuals.

The tipline has been helpful in locating and citing those dumping trash on public lands, vandalizing government property, and other public lands violations.

If any members of the public have information on the vandalism at Fourmile, we encourage them to contact the tipline, Porter said.

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