Buena Vista High School recently completed its second spring season. This year included 5 Stand as a competition as well trap. On the trap range Buena Vista did exceptionally well.

From the bottom of the standings last spring to a respectable 3rd place finish in the fall to a frim grip on second place 300 points ahead of third.

In addition, in the All American 1A-1 Conference for 5 Stand, Buena Vista USA Clay Target Team finished third in the national competition. Buena Vista High School secured a solid second place in the most populated conference in the state, said coach Jake Farber

Finishing places are as follows:

5 Stand Female All American 1A-1 National ranking

1.     Misty Burdges 4th

2.     Jaesa Embry 7th

Trap Female Colorado USA High School state ranking

1.     Abigail Nagel 2nd

2.     Juniper Crago 3rd

3.     Kimber Saewert 7th

4.     Misty Burdges 8th

5.     Jaesa Embry 12th

6.     Isabella Warholoski 15th

Trap Male Colorado USA High School State ranking

1.     Elio Rizi 10th

2.     Dawson Martinez 13th

3.     Ben Adair 21st

4.     Gavin Maupin 24th

 Trap Team Awards

Colorado State 1A Conference 3 State ranking

Buena Vista High School No. 2

25 Straight Club

1. Dawson Martinez (twice)

2. Abigail Nagel

3. Juniper Crago

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