Bill Lockett

Once again, Collegiate Peaks Realty was voted Best Realty Company in the 2020 Best of BV readers poll.

The company has taken that title every year since 2011, with the exception of 2018.

“To me it’s more confirmation that I have the right team and they’re doing what they should be doing to take care of our clients,” said broker/owner Bill Lockett, again voted Buena Vista’s Favorite Realt Estate Agent.

“It means almost everything. When you live in a small community, that type of recognition is something we cherish, because it’s a barometer of how we’re doing in our day to day task of taking care of our clients and our community,” Lockett said. “Not just as a real estate office, but also as community members and all of the community involvement that each one of my brokers has as well.”

Collegiate Peaks Realty is a Coldwell Banker-affiliated brokerage with nine brokers in Buena Vista and six in Salida.

“It’s really amazing that we have a team of brokers that works together as fluidly as they do. They help each other,” Lockett said.

For example, if a broker asks Lockett, “What can you tell me about mining claims,” Lockett might say, “Well, I can tell you everything I know, but I can tell you who the expert in my office is.

“When I get a text that same day that says ‘You were right, Bob’s been amazing getting me great information, and he spent a lot of time with me to help me understand the complexity of mining claims,” Lockett said. “That happens all the time in this office … The rapport that the brokers have between themselves as a team is something I rarely see outside of this office.”

The year 2020 started out with uncertainty for real estate, as with many markets, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In spite of that, however, Lockett said that CPR saw “one of the strongest years we’ve ever seen, if not the strongest. We had our best year ever even with all the complications with COVID and having our doors shut for a month, a month and a half.

“We really buckled down and overcame that obstacle to take care of our clients, our sellers and our buyers, how we could within the margins of the regulations,” Lockett said. “Adapt and overcome was the mantra for when we were closed down.”

That added strength to an already-strong market in Buena Vista comes from a social-distancing-influenced push toward working from home, as well as historically low interest rates.

“You have attorneys and other businesses who haven’t seen the inside of their office since the beginning of last year, and are no longer tied to a primary residence in the city or near that office. So we’ve had countless people say, ‘Hey, I’m selling my primary residence, and if I’m working out of the house I’m going to live where I want to live,’” Lockett said. “Interest rates are the lowest I’ve ever seen them.

“So people were able to, as the market was up, sell their homes and take advantage of the lower interest rates and live where they want to live, and Chaffee County is seeing the effects of that.”

The team at CPR is no exception to the public safety rules that have led more and more meetings to take place via teleconferencing services like Zoom.

“All of my staff meetings over the last year are done by Zoom, and I find that actually works better for my group, which is spread out over two towns in this county,” Lockett said. “There’s a part of me that hates it, because I feel that there’s nothing better than an in-person meeting, and I really dislike not seeing my customers and my brokers in-person as much as I used to.

“That’s something that we are just having to deal with at this time, because in-person is something that I think everyone is missing, whether it’s friends or relatives. For us, its our everyday clients.”

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