After one of their housekeeping staff faced an unexpected medical emergency, the Surf Hotel management leapt into action to support her family as she recovered.

Krystle Kiss, who has been working as part of the housekeeping staff since July of this year, was transported by helicopter to Colorado Springs Central Memorial for emergency heart surgery in the middle of the night, while her mother Diane and aunt Marjorie followed close behind.

Marjorie, who also works with the housekeeping department, called Surf to let them know what had happened adn that they wouldn’t be at work that day.

“The management team reached out and said, ‘What can we do to help with this situation?’ And (Marjorie) said, ‘well, you know, we’re gonna be in Colorado Springs in hotels,’” Diane explained. After her surgery, they expected to be in Colorado Springs for another 2 weeks while Krystle recovered.

“The hotel reached out and said, ‘no problem, we’ll get you some rooms.’ Within 24 hours, they had paid for multiple family members to have a place to stay while my daughter went through this recovery. I was just blown away.”

Housekeeping manager Carol Whitaker said she immediately knew they wanted to do something for the family.

“Marjorie was just very distressed about having to come home to take care of their pets, and when we offered to go feed their dogs and cats, she said, ‘No, I’m going to go drive back and forth every day,’” she explained. “And I called Timmy Moutrie and said, ‘Is there any way that we could get them a room?’ We told Marjorie what we were going to do and she got a list from the hospital, and it all just took place.”

“It was just just the right thing to do,” Whitaker said. “Through my life I’ve always taken care of like, underdog situations…It’s just in my nature.”

Timmy Moutrie, general manager at the Surf Hotel, said that he’s been taught much of his life to do what he can for his team.

“The second we learned about what happened, the first, the instinctual response throughout our entire staff was, ‘how can we help?’’ He said. “I played football my whole life, and I actually had coached in Summit for a while I first moved out here. Doing whatever you can for your teammates is something that’s been drilled into me. Now I’m at a point where I manage a lot of people, so it’s something I try to drill into everyone else…It’s an instinctual reaction to help the people that we work with.”

“The Surf is a little different from places I’ve worked in the past,” Moutrie said. “I spent most of my time working in Vail, Breck, Aspen, places like that, and there’s just a different community feel in BV across the board.”

Both Whitaker and Moutrie feel grateful to work in a community that’s so willing to support those in need, whether it’s at Surf or throughout town as a whole.

“I love being around people who are willing to do this,” Whitaker added. “They can do all sorts of things and they’re willing to not to spend money on themselves and the hotel and to help others in need, and they do.”

“There’s a really passionate, wholesome, kind of loyal feel that runs through the community of Buena Vista,” Moutrie concluded, “and it’s a really, really inspiring thing to see.”

Kiss voiced that she and her family are so grateful for all the support they’ve received.

“People need to know that there’s a lot of good out there in the community,” she said. “There’s a lot of good in the world, so I just wanted to share that.”

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