The Trident Theater Company will be hosting a night of dining and performance Saturday evening.

High school seniors in the 2022 advanced theater class will be directing a series of short plays while audience members will be served food prepared by the students.

“These shows are a great opportunity for senior theater students to take ownership over a production from beginning to end,” instructor Tanner Oharah said.

The student directors will be in charge of selecting a cast, blocking the play, setting up rehearsals and following through with their ideas.

The directors were also allowed to choose their own scripts, some of the scripts having adult themes and content in them, Oharah said. It’s due to these freedoms that the event will carry a labeled rating.

“We try to allow the seniors to select scripts that speak to them and allow more adult themes into their work, so this show does have a PG-13 warning even though the variety of

shows runs the gamut of G to PG-13,” Oharah said.

A few of the plays that will be performed include “The Hitchhiker,” “Chairs,” “All of You,” “The Cask of Amontiado,” “The Bestest Christmas Ever in Texas” and “42nd Annual Pie Rating Convention.”

Among the many directors for the evening are Claire Groth, Nico Reano-Fitch, Juniper Crago and Alicia Hesselton to name a few.

The event will take place at the Buena Vista High School Performance Flex Commons at 6 p.m., Saturday, May 21.

Show tickets can be purchased at or at the door.

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