Earl explains

Buena Vista Recreation director Earl Richmond explains the day’s mission to the river park’s volunteers. Volunteers combed public areas around Buena Vista’s riverfront.

It’s spring cleaning time and the Buena Vista Parks and Recreation department is celebrating with a neighborhood clean-up day Sunday, April 25.

The event, Keep Bewnie Buena, takes the concept of the Buena Vista River Park cleanup that has taken place each spring for the past 20 years and extends it to the entire town.

“Join your friends and family for a fun-filled afternoon centered around cleaning up surface trash in and around the town of Buena Vista’s streets, parks, and open spaces,” said recreation director Earl Richmond.

The event is scheduled to go from 1-3 p.m. on the 25th, meeting at the intersection of East Main and South Railroad streets.

“We will divide into small working groups and you will be given designated areas to focus on. Most people will be walking in and around town during the clean-up. If you prefer to drive to a specific location instead of walking, we will have some additional areas to consider,” Richmond said. “The town of Buena Vista will provide large trash receptacles at the intersection of East Main and South Railroad for everyone to dispose of their cleanup bounty.”

Those who pre-register for the event will receive t-shirts.

“It’s been a long year of being at home and not doing as much together with our community members,” Richmond said. “We feel this spring would be a great time to get outside and do something rewarding that everyone will appreciate immensely. And why not help keep Bewnie Buena?”

While the town will provide trash bags, participants are welcome to bring their own waste bags or trash removal devices of choice.

Participants should bring their own gloves.

Pre-registration is available here: on the Buena Vista Recreation website at https://cut.ly/KyTOkZ1

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