Since opening in 2018, Sorelle Delicatessen has grown quickly in popularity.

Chaffee County Times readers voted for the deli in multiple categories in Best of BV 2020, earning the restaurant a Buena Vista-most four awards: Favorite Employer, Favorite Restaurant, Favorite Lunch Spot and Favorite Curbside Takeout Service, the fourth award tied with Simple Eatery.

“We put our heart and soul into everything in here,” says co-owner Kim Schwan. “A lot of love goes into everything in here, and people notice it.”

 Schwan and her sister and co-owner Sara Cross, along with their deli team, continue to make a point of providing quality in both food and service. And thanks to their passion for food, many items on the menu have become popular.

“Our sandwiches are extremely popular with all-natural meats and cheeses and bread. Really good quality ingredients,” Schwan says. “We have a few favorites like the Sorelle Italian, which has all-natural smoked ham and genoa salami and hot capicola on there.”

Cross adds, “There are the meatballs we make in the house, and they’re gluten free. Those have been a big hit, keeping you warm for the winter months.”

Their take-and-bake option, allowing customers to heat up and eat a pre-made meal at home, has also been a big hit, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the manicotti and the ravioli with sage cream sauce, their classic lasagna, with house-made pasta and sauces, continues to be a staple as it has been almost since the deli opened.

“Mainly, we try to keep our ingredients fresh, homemade and good quality,” Schwan says.

Sorelle has had to learn to adapt and become more creative to continue as a safe and convenient business in 2020.

“We rolled out our online menu for curbside too, so it makes it super easy,” Cross says. “People can order online, pay for it, they can call us when they get here and we’ll bring it right out to their car.”

Schwan adds that if the customer doesn’t want to leave the car, Sorelle tries to make it easier and more flexible for them by leaving the food on the car’s hood.

Schwan and Cross are excited to see the deli win four Best of BV awards. “We feel so blessed that we have such an amazing community that supports us. We just love what we do. We love being able to provide the community with wonderful products and a great atmosphere,” Cross says.

They also credit their employees, who are like family at the deli.

“We’ve got such an amazing team working with us. They’re all so great,” Schwan says. “Honestly, we couldn’t have done it without them. We’re very fortunate to have such a great crew.”

According to Cross, there are plans to expand the back patio for more seating to accommodate more customers in a safe, outdoor environment. And they always consider expansions to the menu for more innovation.

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