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The Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition is hosting BV’s second annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k. The race will start on South Main Square (Front Loop Road) at 9 a.m., Thanksgiving day.

Racers and volunteers will receive shirts, but should register by Nov. 14 to ensure they get one.

“It seems like it’s going very well so far. We have a ton of town interest and people who are signed up to run and walk it. I think we’re at 57 runners right now that have signed up, which is exciting,” BVSC secretary and Turkey Trot lead organizer Jill Maher said.

Maher said she and her husband took the race over from Lynn Piefer, who worked with the BVHS business class to put on the event last year.

This year the proceeds will go to the BVSC.

Maher said while the BVSC board will ultimately decide where funds go, she thinks they could be used “not just for building or maintaining trails, which is great – but this is a good chance for us to give back to the community.”

She mentioned donating food or supplies in addition to trail work.

Runners will have two course options. Those up for a technical challenge can cross the Beaver Falls (née Ramsour) Bridge and run the Bridge-to-Bridge loop.

Racers running with strollers or otherwise disinclined for a Bridge-to-Bridge run can opt for the River Trail instead.

“We wanted to incorporate at least a portion of our BLM trail,” said Maher. “So it is going to go on the Bridge-to-Bridge trail. But everything else will be in town on flat ground.”

Awards will take place at 10 a.m. at South Main.

“We’ve got some really good finish line awards going. We’re going to do some top 3 male and female finisher awards. BV Bike Company, Surf Hotel, Trailhead, Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort and Eddyline are all donating gift cards for finish line awards,” she said.

A Turkey Tail award will also be given to the last participant across the line.

Maher said she wanted to thank Christof Stork for bridge crossing permission and all the sponsors as well.

“A big thanks to everybody who’s gotten involved and supported us through it all,” she said. “Everybody’s been great.”

Event details can be found on the BVSC Facebook page, Registration is live until the night before the race at

To volunteer, visit

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