As both an SDCEA business and residential ratepayer, reliability, sustainability and transparency are important to me.

Particularly transparency.

Sangre’s proposed rate changes and their lack of effective communication over the past year have run counter to those values; the confusion and missteps are not helpful.

Leadership change is urgently needed. The production, distribution and use of electricity is now a very complicated industry.

Old ways of thinking are quickly becoming antiquated, but we can’t blindly jump into a new world quickly with no regard for practicality and wisdom.

We live in a complicated world and we need smart people leading who can navigate that world for us deftly.

That is why I support Jeff Fiedler and Mark Boyle for the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association board.

SDCEA needs new leadership (that is both wise and thoughtful) committed to serving all members equitably. And communicating those changes effectively.

Mark Boyle’s 40 years as an electrical engineer and operating a solar-powered farm uniquely qualify him to look forward for SDCEA’s move toward clean energy. He is committed to promoting fair rates for families and employers.

A county commissioner and school board member, Jeff Fiedler understands serving community members equitably. His 30 years developing clean energy policy will help SDCEA follow other co-ops employing renewables and affordable rates.

Together, Jeff and Mark will help lead SDCEA in a way that puts reliability and sustainability at the forefront. In a practical manner. Their leadership will reflect equity and our shared vision for a thriving community.

Join me in voting for Jeff Fiedler and Mark Boyle for the SDCEA board. They are the leaders our co-op needs.

Mike Thurman

Buena Vista

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