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The Buena Vista school board convened Nov. 29 to swear in Lynn Montoya and Nancy Best and say farewell to Erik Phillips and Ken McMurry.

Emotions ran high for McMurry, who served two consecutive terms from 2013 to 2021. Sitting board members also expressed appreciation for the perspectives offered by Phillips, who was not present at the meeting, throughout his term.

Per state statute, the board also selected members for officer roles. Brett Mitchell took over the role of vice president, previously held by McMurry.

Tracy Storms will remain the board’s secretary and Jessica Crites its treasurer. Suzette Hachmann retains her role as president of the board.

The district is not yet releasing details of property sales, according to a press release provided at the meeting.

“The Buena Vista school district released an RFP (request for proposals) Sept. 14, 2021, to potentially sell six surplus properties and support more efficient use of remaining properties,” the release stated. “The district received multiple proposals for all six properties listed and is currently in negotiations with selected buyers.

“To date, the district has entered into contracts to sell the building and lots located at 623 Main Street and the Nathrop School House. The deadline for fully executed contracts is Dec. 18, 2021.”

Hachmann said more sales are possible and details on the existing contracts will not be made public until the contracts are fully executed.

The board discussed the contracts in executive session and voted to execute the contracts following the session at their meeting on Nov. 8.

A community follow up meeting on the property sales will be held on Jan. 10, 2022.

Two members of the public attended the Monday Minute Zoom meeting to offer feedback to superintendent Lisa Yates on the BV schools calendar survey.

The latest COVID data reported for BVSD show four cases across the district, three of whom were adults and one an Avery-Parsons Elementary School student.

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