Meghan Rodriguez

BVHS graduate Meghan Rodriguez was one of a few chosen from thousands of applicants to receive the Daniels Scholarship.

Buena Vista native Meghan Rodriguez was selected to receive the prestigious Daniels Fund scholarship this year.

Rodriguez is among a short list of BV high school graduates to be awarded the highly sought scholarship, the most recent being Bailey Stokes in 2018.

This year, “I was the only person out of BV, Leadville and Salida that got it,” she said.

Students are eligible for the scholarship based on a number of criteria. They must be residents and graduating from schools in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah or Wyoming. They must earn a high school GPA of at least 3.0 and meet minimum scoring on the SAT and ACT tests. While at the college or university of their choice, they must meet various standards and report to a Scholar Relations Officer.

Only 10% or so of applicants are awarded the scholarship, based on an application and interview process in which they must demonstrate they meet the standards set out by Denver television industry pioneer Bill Daniels.

These include strength of character, leadership potential, commitment to serving their communities, well-rounded personality, integrity, honesty, respect for people, commitment to excellence and etiquette.

Jeanne Shane, BVHS guidance counselor, noted all of these qualities in Meghan. Shane said that Meghan was very involved with the community and very giving of her time.

“She was very driven to do well, and to do well by others,” she said.

Shane also mentioned the strength of Meghan’s application essay and her natural bearing in preparatory mock interviews.

“Meghan wrote an incredible essay,” she said.

Rodriguez said some of her favorite subjects at BVHS were ecology, chemistry and biology. She intends to continue pursuing these interests at Montana State University this fall in an environmental science program.

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