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At nearly double the 1.34 percent positivity rate at the begining of September, Chaffee County Public Health said it is concerned.

Public health asked residents to continue to adhere to the five commitments of containment: Maintaining 6 feet of distance, wash hands often, wear face coverings in public, get tested if symptoms develop and stay home when sick.

Cooperation from all members of the community is critical, April Obholz Bergeler, public health communications specialst wrote in an email Monday. Public health manages the exposurre notification process, which relies on an honest account of one’s interactions with others.

“Full disclosure with our department is vital for keeping the county’s cases low, protecting the most vulnerable and securing in-person learning for students. We have been successful for the past several months, so let’s not give up now,” said public health director Andrea Carlstrom.

Public health reported five newly identified cases of COVID-19 Monday.

All five cases were among the general public.

The county’s two week positivity rate stands at 2.44 percent and the total number of cases in the county now stands at 344, with 77 cases among the general public.

Among that group 53.1% of the cases have been reported in the northern end of the county and 62.7 percent have been males.

CCPH data shows 81.4 percent of cases have been symptomatic but only 4 percent of cases have needed hospitalization.

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