This story has been corrected as the original band lineup in the story was from last year. The correct lineup has been added while the previous one has been deleted.

The Renewal Festival returns Sept. 23-24 at the Meadows west of Buena Vista.

The event will host the musical talents of guitarist Billy Strings with special guest performances by The Seldom Scene, Cris Jacobs and Sarah Jarosz.

“I feel like we are all collectively about to experience one of the most important and prolific gatherings of our time. To have an artist like Billy Strings, a once-in-a-generation sensation, descend into the stunning landscape of the Arkansas Valley is precious,” Scotty Stoughton, owner of Bonfire Entertainment, said. “We have spent months working through the layers of details to deliver a gathering that considers all participants, community members, fans, artists and Mother Nature.”

The event will have multiple specialized camping areas with quick access to the concert venue, pop-up shows, local vendors and a shuttle system to and from the town of Buena Vista.

“We have doubled the Kid’s Zone, brought in additional food vendors, created a center camp in the camping area with afternoon and late night food and coffee options, and brought in a much bigger team to handle parking, ticketing and campout ground management,” Stoughton said.

“We have widened the venue to include a wonderful hillside viewing area. We have doubled our efforts on recycling, composting and trash management. With each move, we have considered the impacts on the neighborhood, environment and surrounding community.”

A large portion of the proceeds will be given as a grant to a local non-profit organization through the Environmental Fund.

The fund was established to help finance local solutions for clean water, environmental stewardship and recycling/waste reduction efforts.

“This festival is important because the roots start deep, with our Bonfire Entertainment family of dedicated, conscious and kind folks who go above and beyond to cultivate unique experiences,” Stoughton said. “These roots are set and spread outward to inspire the community to come together without walls. There is no red and blue, right and left; we value differing opinions and respect each other’s stories.

“We lead by example, showing that kindness and respect are more critical than one tribalistic undertone. We take our responsibility seriously to inspire the children, respect the planet and bring the love of music to everyone.”

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