Voted BV’s Favorite hand sanitizer by Times readers – not the least for its notable lack of sliminess – Clean Republic was honored by The Chaffee’s Got Heart Committee with a Community Spotlight.

The Chaffee’s Got Heart Committee is extremely proud of local businesses and individuals that have gone above and beyond by doing extraordinary things during these uncertain times.

From innovating ways to thrive despite trying circumstances to showering struggling members of our community with generosity to prioritizing the health and safety of our most vulnerable, these businesses and individuals, who have been nominated for this honor by fellow community members, have shown what it really means when we say: Chaffee’s Got HEART.

Robin Vega of Clean Republic explains how her business debuted early in the COVID-19 pandemic and thrived in Buena Vista.

Q How did COVID-19 cause you to innovate the way you do business?

A COVID-19 created a sense of urgency for our business Clean Republic as it’s a COVID killer. We learned a lot of lessons we won’t soon forget and most importantly we’ve got that pandemic pivot on lock.

For my other business CAUSE+MEDIC spa we learned that, especially in a pandemic, people need wellness.

While the rules fluctuated for spa treatments, it felt really good having a place where people could come feel human and pampered and where they could purchase healthy cleaning products, pretty face coverings and CBD (which is remarkable for our immune systems).

For Coletrain Music Academy, we learned how important both music and technology are. During the pandemic, our school actually tripled in size. We moved all of our students to our Skype program and it worked pretty seamlessly.

It’s not lost on us what a blessing it was that our businesses thrived during what was such a dark time for so many. I would say the common denominator of the success we found with each of these businesses during such a volatile time was the people that made up each team.

A good rule for any startup is to hire people who can wear more than one hat and who are strong where you are weak, and then to know when to get out of their way. This was most certainly true during COVID-19.

Q Why did you decide to go above and beyond to contribute to our community?

A Because community is everything. And if the pandemic taught us anything it’s that gathering together and being there for each other is vital to our wellbeing. What the Chaffee County Community Foundation was able to raise during COVID-19 is a true testament to how this valley rallies.

When everything felt so out of our control, I just wanted to do what I could and what was within my power. Donating my time as well as cleaning and disinfecting solutions was within my power.

My partner Coleman offered free virtual music lessons via Facebook live every Thursday for 21 weeks because that was within his power.

Buena Vista has some serious magic to it and we hope to always make decisions that are for the greater good of this community.

Q Where do you see examples of the idea that Chaffee’s Got Heart?

A Everywhere. From organizations and nonprofits who sprung into action to feed families and help small business owners.

I witnessed heart in our county essential workers at the grocery stores, post office, and restaurants and let us never forget the countless selfless front line workers who put their lives on the line every single day.

I witnessed heart in my partner Coleman wanting to offer the gift of music because we know music is medicine for many and having a creative outlet while in isolation was imperative for mental health.

Q What’s your biggest takeaway from the past year?

A That community is everything and there is simply no replacement for live music. I also learned that placing a priority on wellness and our immune systems is a must.

Q What else do you want people to know about you, your business, your contributions to the community, how they can get involved or support you?

A I often get asked how I can do so many jobs. I’m a partner and Vice President of Clean Republic, and the Co-Owner of CAUSE+MEDIC Spa located on E. Main. I’m also the other half of Coletrain Music Academy.

This might sound crazy to some to have so many business cards and email addresses and some days it’s maybe a little crazy to me.

The truth of the matter is, I like to be a part of cool projects and love working with passionate people who are making an impact in this world.

Even though I do wear a lot of hats at the core of everything I do is storytelling. That’s why it’s imperative that I find meaning and purpose in my work so that I can authentically tell each story and share the heartbeat of these products and businesses.

Knowing we are distributing healthy cleaning and disinfecting solutions that are good for human health and safe for the planet brings me purpose.

Knowing we are providing wellness, pain relief, and CBD education to our community and its visitors at the spa fills me up. And nothing brings me more joy than seeing what the gift of music does for our students at Coletrain.

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