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At the annual town cleanup, BV Public Works filled two 30-yard roll-off dumpsters with refuse from locals.

The cleanup offered BV residents the chance to properly dispose of items and trash that can’t be tossed out normally, such as tree and brush clippings, electronics, metal recycling and furniture.

“The combined resources we provide really add up to a goal for being able to provide something back to our community, to our taxpayers in our communities that we work for,” said Shawn Williams, Public Works director. “It seems like it’s maybe slowed down a little bit the past few years, but it does seem like we’re a busier community these days.”

Participants brought their refuse to the Public Works shop, where the dumpsters awaited them. The event ran over Friday, May 19, and Saturday, May 20.

Williams said the garage bins are often available in case of emergencies, such as if a weather event knocks down branches. Other local groups like GARNA offer additional resources for properly disposing of green waste, electronics, furniture and other such items.

Williams hopes that establishing a new local recycling resource will improve recycling use in town.

“That’s something that Angel of Shavano provided,” he said. “That's probably one of the goals that we should have, to continue to keep talking to our stakeholders. These are things that are important to us. We have a lot of visitors that come here, and we can be creative and figure out some way to do that. … I know it’s challenging, but hopefully someday we can get that back in place and Public Works can help and participate in that.”

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