Chaffee County Community Foundation

The Chaffee County Community Foundation, in partnership with the Chaffee County Department of Human Services announce an individual assistance program aimed at filling existing gaps in both eligibility and funding for Chaffee County residents.

The foundation’s board has allocated an initial $50,000 from its Emergency Response Fund toward this program and applications are now being accepted both through human services and the foundation.

The program is designed to complement existing human services programs while offering support for a wider range of individual and family needs.

Individuals or families whose total household income is $75,000 or less, are full-time Chaffee County residents, and have experienced a drastic change in life circumstance are encouraged to start with human services by calling 719-530-2500 or emailing

Eligible individuals or families may also fill out an intake form to start their assistance application on the foundation’s website at

Eligible individuals or families who are approved for assistance may have up to $2,000 paid on their behalf for the following verifiable needs:

• Rent/deposit/mortgage assistance.

• Essential utilities – gas, electric, water and sewer.

• Medical bills or prescriptions not covered by other insurance and related to a singular event (i.e. not ongoing or chronic treatments or bills) in the last 90 days.

• Employment supports – items needed by the applicant to return to, or retain work, i.e. steel-toed work boots, uniform, certification test, etc.

• Car repair, if car is essential in returning to, or retaining employment.

• Emergency shelter expenses such as hotel/motel, meals, etc following a verifiable incident.

No assistance will be paid in cash directly to applicants but instead will be paid to verified vendors on the applicant’s behalf.

Vendors could include landlords, mortgage or utility companies, medical providers, emergency shelter providers, mechanics, etc.

For detailed program guidelines or to begin an application for assistance, individuals can contact the Department of Human Services or visit

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