Connie Bauer

Connie Bauer rides her ATV through an ‘Aspen Tunnel’ during the Buena Vista ATV Historical Color Tour.

Registration is open for the 2021 OHV Color Tour taking riders through the public lands around Buena Vista.

In its 20th year, the tour of the Arkansas Valley’s fall scenery is set for Tuesday, Sept. 21 to Saturday, Sept. 25.

Chamber executive director Melissa Traynham said that last year’s event – one of the few to drive on through the COVID-19 pandemic – drew 64 riders.

Traynham said that 17 had already signed up for the fall event.

“(We) are expecting this year to have many more,” she said.

Registration is available at the website of the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce at

The cost to register is $125, which includes a public lands access pass, three breakfasts, a T-shirt, dinner and daily ride choices and route information.

The self-guided tours on the 4-day event will take participants through abandoned mining sites, ghost towns and across the Continental Divide in the Sawatch Range mountains that will by that time be gilded with aspens changing color.

Traynham said that the chamber is still working on refining its list of trails for the event. Last year, riders had the option of taking rides on Black Mountain and 31 Mile Mountain; Fourmile North; Fourmile South; Hagerman Pass; the Leadville Mining District, Mineral Basin; Mount Antero, Browns Lake and Baldwin Lake; Otto Mears; St. Elmo and Tin Cup; and Villa Grove, Columbia Gulch and Windy Point.

Traynham said the chamber hopes to add new trails to the list this year.

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