New Bees' mural

The mural on the west side of New Bees was painted by Tana Sorgaard.

After more than 25 years at their East Main Street location, New Bees is preparing to move to a new location. Their light blue building was sold earlier this year, leaving their team with the tall task of relocating their store and donations.

“There’s just a lot of stuff,” explained New Bees board treasurer Jan Johnson. “There’s a little bit of remodeling (to be done) on the new location, and we want to get that done before we move in. Then there’s just a lot of stuff …We’re going to try to get some volunteers lined up to help us, probably as we get a little bit closer.”

Come Jan. 1, 2023, New Bees’ new home will be at 117 E. Arkansas St., giving the business time to make use of the holiday season.

“We’re usually closed over the Christmas holiday,” Johnson said, “so we’ll take advantage of that and then hopefully be able to open by the middle of January at the latest.”

Though the move will be a hefty process, Johnson said she was glad they were able to find a new location so quickly, and “the owners of the new location have been wonderful.”

New Bees serves Buena Vista far beyond its retail store. For the past 6 years, New Bees has given out $10,000 in scholarships to Buena Vista High School students.

The board has also helped the community with rent and utilities assistance and supported various other non-profits.

Though they’ve paused as they prepare for the move, Johnson says they hope to continue once they’re settled into their new location.

“Other than our normal business expenses for payroll and utilities, we try to give out everything that we make with the sales at our store,” she said. “We try to give it back to the community.

“When we get all settled in, we’d like to have a grand re-opening, and that’ll probably be once we get settled,” Johnson added.

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