Amy Lynch Memorial Disc Golf Course

The Amy Lynch Memorial Disc Golf Course Hole No. 8 basket at the Buena Vista River Park.

The eastern end of Midland Trail, which is at CR 315 at Shields Gulch, will be extended by about a mile to CR 305 at McGee Gulch.

This extension will allow trail users to access the southern part of the Fourmile Travel Management area at CR 307 with minimal travel on U.S. 24/285.

The Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition is funding the work in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management.

The work will be done by Volunteers for Outdoors Colorado. VOC works with conservation and land agencies and relies on thousands of people annually to provide a volunteer workforce for outdoor stewardship projects.

The VOC weekend workforce will be directed by Colorado Mountain Club project manager Brinkley Messick.

Reducing recreation impacts with new Fourmile signage

The Greater Arkansas River Nature Association in conjunction with the town of Buena Vista and the Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition received a Chaffee County Common Ground Recreation Impact hiking/biking etiquette panel for updated kiosks in the Fourmile Travel Management Area

Hiking/biking etiquette panel for updated kiosks in the Fourmile Travel Management Area.

Singletrack & disc golf

Buena Vista Recreation director Earl Richmond has a vision for getting more use of the land along the Arkansas River that is the location of the Amy Lynch Memorial Disc Golf Course.

The vision is to add a singletrack trail in the area between the fairways. That vision will come to be in mid-July when a Colorado Bold youth group will do the trail construction as a community service project.

For the love of trails

The Buena Vista Trails Advisory Board is looking for folks interested in promoting trails within the town.

The board provides recommendations to the trustees for trail/paths to improve the in-town paths and increase path connectivity to provide looped routes.

If you are interested in joining the Trails Advisory Board, please contact Earl Richmond at

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