Main Street Buena Vista, 1881-82

This photo is Main Street looking west in Buena Vista. 

Mount Yale is in the background on the right. 

Notice all the rocks in the street?

The photo is from 1881 or ‘82 as it is a Rio Grande train sitting on the tracks across Main Street at the back of the photo. 

When enlarged, this photo shows a Beer Hall and Drug Store on the right side of the street and a Little Ke (21) No Gambling on the left  and a Wine Beer Hall a. 

There are wagons and horses on the street. 

The only buildings still standing in the foreground today are possibly Lobacks Bakery on the right  and Antero Treasures on the left. 

These buildings all burned in various fires. 

The first major fire was in March, 1883 when an entire block was destroyed.

For more information on the heritage behind the history of Buena Vista, visit

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