Gina Lucrezi

The Buena Vista board of trustees appointed Gina Lucrezi to fill the vacancy created when former board member Amy Eckstein resigned on July 14.

Lucrezi was chosen by unanimous vote on Aug. 24 from a field of three interested persons. Lucrezi said she believes in the importance of community and is very connected with BV.

She said that living at The Farm and participating in Chaffee County Search & Rescue-North have deepened her community ties.

She is the founder and CEO of Trail Sisters, an organization which aims to expand women’s participation and opportunities in trail running and hiking.

Lucrezi was featured last spring in Ms. magazine based on the growth and successes of Trail Sisters.

“Listening, learning, supporting and leading are the four words that came to mind,” she said of her intentions for serving on the board.

Five candidates initially submitted letters of interest. Jerome Steinhauer and Mark Jenkins withdrew their letters of interest prior to Tuesday night’s meeting, where candidates presented themselves in person to the board for consideration. Both had served previously on the board and as mayor.

Matt Snow was motioned for appointment by the board but the motion was declined by a vote of two for to three against. Snow moved to BV from Kansas in 2008 to intern at Young Life’s Frontier Ranch, where he subsequently worked for eleven years. He now co-manages The Inn on East Main Street and is raising four children along with his wife, a local nurse practitioner.

Dennis Heap is a member of BV’s airport advisory board, and primary author of the airport’s business plan. In his presentation, Heap said that running an airport is akin to running a town, due to the many complexities involved in each. He is a founding member of the Central Colorado UAS club and currently serves as the club’s treasurer.

Lucrezi was appointed as the first business item of the board’s and her first vote was on the second—a unanimous approval of the Chaffee County Boys & Girls Club’s letter of intent to develop a new facility next to the community center.

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