DENVER - Gov. Jared Polis provided an update Tuesday to Coloradans on the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now is not the time to let our guard down and this pandemic is far from over. We have to do a better job of wearing masks, social distancing and washing our hands,” said Polis in a post-press conference press release. “Colorado is seeing a slow, but steady rise in cases and hospitalizations. We are not seeing the same scenarios in other states like Texas and Florida, but here in Colorado we are only as good as our ability to take the necessary measures to protect ourselves and others. Drastic changes can occur in only a matter of weeks, which is why we need to remain vigilant. Masks continue to be our ticket to more economic growth and freedom.”

The governor pointed out that Colorado’s small businesses are performing slightly better than national averages on key metrics, including:

Making payments like rent, payroll, utilities, and loans

Number of employee hours worked

Number of employees retained

Colorado’s unemployment rate, while still unacceptably high, remains three points lower than the national average. Gov. Polis highlighted the Paycheck Protection Program and the $129 billion available for small businesses that need aid. Businesses can apply until August 8, and can visit for more details.

The governor also highlighted all the work done by the General Assembly during the 2020 legislative session, much of the legislation focusing on supporting Coloradans during the COVID-19 pandemic. These bills included direct housing assistance, help with utility bills, loans and grants for small businesses, assistance for those struggling with behavioral health issues and domestic violence, paid sick leave, and more.

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