Catherine Fisher

Buena Vista has a new realty group, Full Circle Realty, which opened at the beginning of the year on West Main Street.

“I have some of the top brokers, in my opinion, in the county. I’ve got a great group of brokers,” said Full Circle owner Catherine Fisher. “Mona (Bellantonio) has been in this for over 28 years. I’ve got Bruce Ward, 35 years; Mary Kale, 16 years. I believe they’re some of the top brokers.”

Since moving to Colorado from Toronto, Fisher has worked for a number of real estate firms in Buena Vista including Coldwell Banker, Collegiate Peaks Realty and RE/MAX.

“I had a few brokers say ‘Catherine, when are you going to open your own?’” Fisher said.

Early last fall, she decided to start her own business.

“Brokers started calling me to see what I was doing, and I told them I was starting my own company,” she said.

Full Circle is focused on building a team and on supporting the broker members of that team, she said.

“In the community itself, I think a lot of people have known me as Mona’s assistant over the years,” Fisher said.

It was Bellantonio who sold Fisher her first home in Buena Vista.

“For the community, I think we have the top brokers. You get the Mona Bellantonio name out there, she was born and raised in this community.”

Fisher said, “I don’t compete against my brokers … I don’t advertise myself.

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