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The Bureau of Land Management and Friends of Browns Canyon are recruiting volunteers for a National Public Lands Day event from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Sept 17.

The trail work will involve the use of hand tools for construction and maintenance improvements. Please wear sturdy shoes and bring gloves, sunscreen and a hat. Lunch will be provided.  

In anticipation of Ruby Mountain parking area improvements and re-alignment of the vehicle parking area, the NPLD project goal will be to construct a new trail beginning at the Ruby Mountain Trailhead entrance that continues along the tree line east of the current trail.

The existing trail accesses the Browns Canyon National Monument and the Wilderness Study Area from the parking lot.

The new trail will head south approximately 550-600 feet, passing through the WSA before rejoining the existing trail. The existing route continues along an old road with a steep grade heavily damaged by water flow. Additional drainage dips will be added to relieve erosion on the route.

Some of the project work will involve filling headcuts and deep drainages with rock to slow water flow.

Eventually with the construction of the new parking lot, the old trail will be closed, fenced off and re-vegetated.

Volunteers should meet at Ruby Mountain Campground on CR 300 in Nathrop. Carpooling is encouraged. Volunteers may leave after lunch or continue working as they desire.

Please RSVP to 966-5074 or so we have a head count for lunch.

Friends of Browns Canyon is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to protecting and preserving a gorgeous stretch of public land on the Arkansas River known as Brown’s Canyon.

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