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Elections for the Buena Vista School District’s board of education are to take place on Nov. 2. Five candidates are running for three open seats. All three seats carry 4 year terms.

The sole candidate for director of district B is Lynn Montoya.

“My motivation for running for the board is the importance of keeping parents, invested community members with children in our school district on the board,” said Montoya.

Running for the district D position are incumbent Erik Phillips and former board member Nancy Best.

Phillips said his motivation stems from a desire to contribute to the community.

“I’m doing it to give back to the community. My kids have gone to this school district. My wife went to this school district. And if you don’t give back to the community then you aren’t part of the solution—you’re part of the problem,” he said. “So I’m here to protect the district, the students, the taxpayers. That’s what my goal is.”

Best last served on the board from 2015 to 2019 and said she remains passionate about education.

“Education is where my heart lies,” she said.

“Since becoming a member of the BV community about 13 years ago, I have discovered that while our schools were good when I first moved here, they have been getting better and better. I support the district’s mission, ENDS, policies, priorities and 7Cs and wish to be a part of maintaining and even improving the great schools that BV is blessed with,” said Best.

Finally, two candidates are running for the at-large open seat.

“My motivation comes from love,” said Terri Gerstmeyer. “Love for children, families and seniors. That is it in a nutshell.”

Jessica Crites has served on the board since 2019. She said being both an alumni and parent to two daughters attending BV schools informed her decision to join the board.

“Having served on the school board for the past 2 years I am passionate about the success of the Buena Vista School District,” she said. “I would like to continue serving with the rest of the school board and Superintendent Yates in supporting our students and entire district.”

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