After 34 years with the Buena Vista school district, middle school administrative assistant Cheri Dey will be leaving for retirement.

“Friendships with staff members that have lasted even after they leave the district and sharing memories with them are always cherished,” she says.

Toward the end of the ‘80s, during a difficult financial time, Dey was informed of a job opening at the middle school by a friend who had been working there as a secretary and was now moving to the administrative building.

Dey had been working with her husband Mack in their family-owned business Dey Electric, Inc.

In need of a paying job, she applied, unaware of how much she would come to love working at the middle school.

“Working there has been fabulous, especially the last 9 years with my new principal,” Dey says.

“I believe he was my seventh principal. The middle school staff is like a family looking out for each other and I will miss them a great deal,” she said. “Getting to watch and help students through their tough middle school years was challenging and rewarding, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

She watched many students enter 6th grade and progress through the years, growing into adulthood.

She will forever hold on to the memories of her time at the middle school and the staff, students and parents she has come to know.

Dey recalls some fun times when the staff and students would dress up for Spirit Days and Halloween, and when she and Linda Andersen would wear Christmas sweatshirts the week prior to Christmas vacation.

“The students always were curious about what we would be wearing,” she says.

She will also never forget the challenges she and everyone else went through during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as when the new school was being built, still using the old half-demolished building before settling into the brand-new building.

“Being able to help parents and students every day is very fulfilling. Retirement is going to be an adjustment, but I look forward to being able to relax a little,” she says. “I will especially miss the working and friendships with my principal, John Emilsson, and counselor, Amie Urbine.”

Filling in for Dey will be Tammy Bumgarner, who has been working with Fey since February.

“Tammy Bumgarner is very confident and will be a great asset to the district,” Dey says.


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