David Lawrence and the Spoonful

David Lawrence and the Spoonful return to Buena Vista as Gold Rush Days’ live music headliner Saturday night.

David Lawrence and the Spoonful will perform at 6 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 13, at the Gold Rush Days festival at McPhelemy Park

“We started 3 to 4 years ago, I was hanging out with Coleman Smith and Gary Sloan after COVID hit we decided to create a band with friends. Since then we’ve been having a fun time playing around Chaffee County and Colorado,” the band’s front man and lead guitarist David Lawrence said.

“I guess I was just sort of drawn to music as the ultimate challenge. There’s a lot you have to do in this modern era, but the whole thing is about making good art and putting on a great show. It’s like putting together a big puzzle,” Lawrence said. “When it started it was born of its own inertia. I used to be a chef working full time and doing music at night. That was years ago and I haven’t really looked back.”

Lawrence said that his favorite thing about preforming for people is the connection that is made between the audience and the band.

“It’s this type of communion. There’s this emotional message that is being transferred between the band and the audience. When it happens it’s magic. When it does, it’s amazing,” he said.

Lawrence has a long resume of bands he’s been a part of and started over the years including Royal Street Ramblers, La Pompe and the Blind Pigs.

On top of performing, Lawrence also runs a booking agency and production company called LPJ Entertainment.

Lawrence said he was interested in forming more food and music collaborations as he had with the Asian Palate last fall.

“Food is very much in my soul and in my passions, so I need to keep figuring out how to combine the two,” he said.

Not only will Lawrence be performing with his band on Saturday, but he will be performing with the Royal Street Ramblers on Sunday during Gold Rush Days.

“We did it last year, it was super fun. We started playing in the morning when there was really nobody then by the end of our set we had so many people dancing,” he said. “We’re going to bring the full band and have a great party.”

Lawrence will be performing with the Blind Pigs at River Runners Aug 10, the band will be performing again Aug 20 in Denver at The Lodge to celebrate the creation of a beer named after them. The band will hold an album release show Oct. 6 at the Lariat in Buena Vista.

“I think Gold Rush has always been a special, amazing thing and what is going to make this year different is we’ll be capping off the event with this big performance. I think the chamber is really leaning into the music this year,” Lawrence said.

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