Two members of Chaffee County Emergency Medical Services tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, according to a press release Saturday.

Both providers had extremely minor symptoms, bordering on being asymptomatic prior to testing. Out of an abundance of caution and a strong desire to prevent the spread of this disease in the community, they were tested for COVID-19.

The source of the infection remains unconfirmed at this time, although one of the providers that tested positive transported a patient with COVID-19, on Sept. 25. During that transport, all necessary personal protective equipment was worn, and all donning and doffing procedures were correctly followed, according to the press release.

It is unknown if the infections stem from this transport or from community spreading. Both employees who tested positive are isolating at their residences for at least 10 days, following the CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

Nine additional members of Chaffee County EMS are currently quarantined in their residences. Following the discovery of the two employees with COVID-19, all employees that had contact with the positive employees in the 48-hour period preceding the onset of symptoms were placed in quarantine.

None of the quarantined employees are currently exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Chaffee County EMS employees have been practicing social distancing and have been instructed to wear masks at work when they are within six feet of another coworker since the beginning of this pandemic.

Chaffee County EMS reviewed all patient transports that have occurred since Sept. 25 and no patients were exposed to COVID-19 from CCEMS staff.

Staff that did not have a documented exposure to the virus will continue to do daily temperature and symptom screenings at the start and end of their shifts.

Any employee exhibiting symptoms will be immediately sent home and tested at the appropriate time. Additionally, Chaffee County EMS will be testing all quarantined staff before they return to duty.

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