Chaffee County Public Health

After assessing the stable COVID-s9 landscape in Chaffee County over the past several weeks, Chaffee County Public Health has decided to gradually reopen the short-term lodging industry (hotels and motels) and thus will be amending its Public Health Order 2020-05 to reflect the lifted restrictions, it announced in a press release Tueaday.

Leaders in the short-term lodging industry have been working closely with CCPH, the Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners and the Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation to establish best practices and requirements to safely reopen in a phased approach, the release stated.

While hotels and motels have remained open across the state as critical businesses, they have been closed in Chaffee County except for critical service workers and emergency housing, to curb visitors and tourism.

After the business reads the reopening requirements and completes a Hotel/Motel Safe Business Certification form, the hotel or motel will be issued its safety certificate within 4 business days.

Upon receipt of the certificate, a hotel or motel may reopen on Monday, May 18, at 25% occupancy averaged over the week through May 21. On May 22, expanded occupancy of 50% averaged through May 31 may take place, and on June 1, as long as the trend in COVID-19 cases remains stable, occupancy may be expanded to 100%.

Short-term vacation rentals, hostels, non-state campgrounds and private RV parks must remain closed at this time.

In the upcoming days, as further industries are allowed to open, CCPH will provide an industry-specific safety checklist with local industry leader input to support them with their unique needs and to get them reopen.

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