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The special event application for the Meet Me at the Creek music festival at the Meadows was unanimously approved by the Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners Tuesday.

South Main Arts and Park Trust was listed as the applicant on the amended application, which satisfied the commissioners’ demand that a nonprofit entity be listed as the primary applicant.

Some doubts about SMAPT were expressed during a lengthy public comment period. However, county attorneys said it was not the commissioners’ duty to investigate or litigate the organization’s integrity.

“The statute doesn’t require any sort of specific determination with respect to how a nonprofit is formed or what they do with their profits,” said assistant county attorney Miles Cottom.

Further public comment, alternating between remote participants and in-person meeting attendees, was mixed with roughly equal supporters and opposed.

Apart from concerns about the legitimacy of SMAPT, no new points were raised. Oppositional statements corresponded with given addresses that mapped to properties closest to the stage area from previous events.

Having decided that SMAPT and Bonfire Entertainment were eligible to be exempted from state statutes limiting sound pressure levels, the board granted Bonfire Entertainment’s request from Scotty Stoughton that the limit be set at 105 decibels at the sound mixing board.

The board also accepted Stoughton’s offer to conduct sound monitoring and report data to the board for review. They instructed staff to add the language to their resolution.

Commissioner Greg Felt said the board will continue to examine the issue of SPLs and work harder to do proper follow-up.

“The place to start is with where we are right now and getting that baseline. What does 105 sound like 20 feet across the property line? So we can tie back to the noise statute,” he said.

The application conformed to the Chaffee County Board of Health’s 5,000 capacity limit for outdoor events.

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