Rescue crews recovered a motorcyclist injured near the road to Ptarmigan Trailhead on Cottonwood Pass June 9. An EagleMed helicopter, based at Heart of the Rockies Medical center in Slaida, picked up the man and flew him to Denver.

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laura campbell

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for Mike. If you can find it in your heart to give just a little, he will be humbled and very appreciative of your donation.

laura campbell

Thank you to the team who rescued Michael Gallagher!!! Our friend had injuries including several broken vertebrae in his back, severe burns to his back, which needed skin grafts from his right leg for those burns, compound fracture to left arm/shoulder, and unfortunately, his left leg above the ankle had to be amputated. He still hasn't gained full mobility and will need personal care for some time. He spent several weeks at St. Anthony's in Lakewood and just yesterday (July 22, 2015) was transported to the Life Care Center of Evergreen. Thank you for your prayers, he will still need them!

colleen pitts

If anyone can follow up with "Mike" from Buena vista, we are wondering about his condition. My husband was first on the scene and added in his rescue. Praying for him tonight. Thanks to the chaffee county team and salida flight for life. And the two road bikers who followed the skid marks over the switchback and saved his life. Prayers

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