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Chaffee County commissioners considered a resolution at their meeting Tuesday that would allow the county to participate in management of federal lands within the county.

The proposed resolution “makes clear to federal agencies, such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, or any entity managing public lands that the county wants a seat at the table,” County Attorney Jenny Davis said.

The resolution cites many federal laws stating that local agencies have a voice in managing public lands. “The resolution formalizes the county’s desire to be a cooperating agency,” Davis said.

“Federal law mandates that certain local government agencies have a role in decisions on public lands,” Davis said. “It (the resolution) doesn’t change law but makes clear that the county wants a say.”

In regard to development of public lands in Chaffee County, the resolution will make sure other agencies keep the county informed whenever projects are planned.

“It is our job to stay on top of this” and try to protect residents who use public lands, Commissioner Frank Holman said.

Commissioners directed that the resolution be revised to specify the county wants a similar relationship with state agencies, and they will reconsider it at their next meeting.

In other business:

• A bid from ACA Products was the lowest received for construction of a new courthouse parking lot, pending recommendation by Road and Bridge Superintendent Mark Stacy and Grounds and Buildings Supervisor Jasmine Bayless.

• Commissioners approved an intergovernmental agreement for a Community Development Block Grant for $190,000 in administrative funds for Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG). A waiver of building permit fees for the UAACOG Housing Rehabilitation Program was also approved.

• Sitting as the Board of Equalization, commissioners heard an appeal of a denial of a senior property tax homeowners’ exemption from Peggy Hachmann. The commissioners unanimously agreed to overturn the denial.

• Acting as the Chaffee County Liquor Licensing Authority, commissioners passed a resolution that “allows the Liquor Authority to act without consideration of the state and approve special-event permits.”

• Chaffee County Planning Manager John Roorda told commissioners work continues on CR 302, subject to the final approval process. A pre-construction conference will take place today.

• Commissioners discussed the status of CR 107 and a proposed emergency access road. Pending approval, plans are for a permanent emergency easement and possibly will include a low-impact road.

• Based on a recommendation from the Fair Board, commissioners approved appointment of Sheriff John Spezze to fill the vacated seat of Donna Soroka.

• Commissioners approved the release of $1,000 to Chaffee County Weed Supervisor Larry Walker from the Madison House infrastructure fund for post-festival noxious weed mitigation.

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